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Corporate History
Henry Alden founded Alden Press
First Oxford guide book published by Alden Press, "Alden's Oxford Guide"
Alden opens offices in Northampton
William Alden takes over as Managing Director of Alden Press
Globalised operations; Office opened in India, Chennai
Office opened in Trichy
Alden Services expands to Healthcare office solutions
Alden Merges with OKS Group
Alden India celebrates 10 year anniversary; Alden expands services to Graphics, Motion Graphics and Creative Solutions
Alden was founded in 1832 by Henry Alden, a devout Baptist; he used the Press to publish his own anti-slavery pamphlets. In the 1920s the company established a reputation as a book printer, forming a close relationship with the publishers Jonathan Cape. The company later added academic journals and commercial colour work to its list of specialist capabilities, whilst investing in new technologies along the way.

In 1974 Alden opened a second office in Northampton to build a dedicated technical typesetting operation for medical and scientific journals. This business formed the basis of Alden Prepress Services which is now one of the largest technical typesetters in the world.

Seeing the economical and service benefits of India, Alden established a typesetting, data capture and editorial operation in Chennai, Southern India. Alden Prepress Services started in Mylapore, Chennai in late 1998 with less than 20 staff but quickly grew, moving a year later to its present offices in T. Nagar where it now employs more than 500 staff. Alden now processes over half a million pages a year.

Today, OKS Prepress typesets around 400 medical and scientific journal titles for many of the world's leading academic publishers.

Innovation has been the key for continued success of OKS. We seek to diversify and create new business vertical's where there are synergies with our own organization. We have moved into Healthcare office solutions with Medical transcription for the USA and UK HMOs, Medical coding and software development. We currently produce over 75,000 lines per day for the NHS.

Alden Prepress Services Private limited has been taken over by OKS Group in 2007 and it has been changed to OKS Prepress Services. The change has brought with its new drive, dedication and vision. This new approach to business development has led to a migration from micromanagement to macro management. This enables us to serve the clients better. The bigger groups have been divided into smaller groups to give more attention and dedicated services to the clients.

The future for OKS Prepress promises to be as exciting and challenging as the last 175 years!

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